Friday, November 30, 2012

600pt games

Well over the parst month or so I have started getting players to play some small format games we have been playing some 600 pt games.

I is great as I have been trying out some different builds.
I build the list without knowing what I am up against.
the first turn sore the brets panic of the table victor to me both units of knights and the general with BSB. so we called it that they did not run off and continued the game.
as after that I got tabled I was play my High Elves V Brets.
You can get a lot of 2+ amour saves for 600pt.

I had a level 2 on fire,
12 archers full command -
12 archers full command
5 ellyrain reavers

well did alright to start taking off knights as they came down the table. but when the got in the amour save I just could not get through.
Metal magic would have been better.
I am thinking sword masters or a white loin list would be better.

next I might try

10 spearman
10 spearman
9 white loins command
lion chariot


15 archers
10 sword masters
5 white lions