Sunday, May 31, 2015

May painting

well this month has seen me get a bit of the mojo back for painting.

this has been the work this month

one of the other tasks has been I have touched up and rebased the lord of the ring models and put them to use as a kings of war - kingdom of man army. this is a good use for old models not in use at the moment. it will give me a reason to paint up the rest of the LoR models and get them all finished.

well finished the kings of war one kickstarter

well I have now finally finished the King of war one kickstater. It is the pledge and the addons, I have also finished the extras I bought as well but this was just what the add on gave me.

now that makes four  fully painted kickstarters completed, dread ball , deadzone, mars attacks and now KoW one.

up next is dread ball extreme as it arrived and any other mantic kickstater that arrives in the mean time..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May Painting

well I have had a tough month with the hobby this month and had to evalueate my life and time with that you can find answers on my main blog
but now here is mays painting

 mars attacks
kings of war abyssal lord on dragon
mars attacks
D&D board game
kingsa of war dwarfs
 abyssal dwarfs
 abyssal dwarfs
 mars attacks
 mars attacks
 D&D game
D&D game
ramdom dwarfs

Monday, March 9, 2015

the abysal Dwarfs

well I picked up a bunch of Abysal dwarfs in October last year now I have them and a few exta units done.