Sunday, January 31, 2016

January done

well I have completed this months painting January is done.

mantic models

all this months painting

games work shop done.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

a bit more painting

Well January has been a good month for painting I have finished of a couple more models this time 10 old school ratling snipers

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

bases made for the game

Some time ago I decided that I was going to use grey stuff and some base moulds to make and paint bases for my armies,
so I take the grey stuff roll it out and press on to bases

let dry then

then base coat them

I finally detail and then they are done.
I have about six moulds I use and different armies have different bases.

january painting

Well I have had a busy month of painting with a couple of days to go and still a couple of units on painting table that I hope to get done as of now I have completed an extra 15 , I have also based the guard and corps troopers.
bases all made and painted

all the 35 catachan now painted and based

Dread ball mvp

iron ancestor for warfare forge father

30 corps troopers painted and based
as well as doing a unit of rough riders

Saturday, January 16, 2016

January painting

Well I have had some time to paint and have completed 30 corps troopers for war path
And 20 GW IG

up next is to make and paint the bases for the 50 finished troopers

Friday, January 15, 2016

the IG

Well I am about to do a painting challenge for the last of my IG that I still have to paint so l figured I better show the army that I have to date.

So the guard army

and I have added some units since they are
I have Added an extra superheavy but he had been on assignment so no photo

the first of the paining challenge

Well one of the best ways I find to get to painting is the 10mins a day rule and the joining a painting group or comp. Well this year I have to have a few groups underway as I would like to get a large number of the mins I own painted up as it seems that I have far two many not painted. I really do not find time to play the games due to real life so one of the parts of the hobby I enjoy is the painting part so I keep on painting.

This year the first hobby challenge I will sign up for is the ICs hobby challenge. I have the last of my 40k guard units to paint and would like to see that project finished this year. So that leads me to set up the challenge of lets paint want I have left and use a hobby challenge to do that.

so here is the photos of all the models I would like to paint this year  as part of the challenge they are all undercoat ed as one of the things I do is built and undercoat all my minions and they are always ready for paint if I just feel like painting that unit. These are mostly all old range and metal minis.

Now first up for January is

they will add to the guard army I already have

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back to the paint table

We it has been a while before I have kept you up to date on my painting . It seems that I have not been recording the painting for the last six months. Well I can tell you I have been painting and have not stopped all together. So I will make sure this year that I keep up the blog posts of what I am painting and photos of what I have finished.

So first up here is what I have painted since the first of January -