Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 here we go

2013 here we go...
well I still have  one unit to go from the2012 batch I wanted to finish so I will with any luck finish that this week, I also have a game on friday night the has a list with tecles So I will also try to have that finished fro friday. this week I actually have some time off during the week as I have to work this weekend. this will help.
one of the goals for this year is to blog at least once a week so I can keep you up to date with my progess on the painting side.

happy new year and good luck to all those with projects this year.

Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 - Projects

well this is the beginning of a new year and I  have taken stock on the year ahead.
well tis brings me to what I have comming up for the next 12 months.

Dark elves - 65 models , 2 heros, 1 monster
Mantic orcs - 36 models, 2 heros
Stone haven dwarfs - 20 models
Maliaux crew -The arcanist- 9 models
GW high elves - 11 sea guard, 5 revers
GW vampires - 11 hero models, 1 monter , 3 large monsters.
mantic undead - 20 skeleton
dreadball - kick starter, 62 models

I have a mantic elves army of 2000pt that I am working on
2 eagles, 40 archers, 15 sword masters, 20 spear elves, one hero,

I have the KoW kickstarter models yet to come
and the reaper kickstarter models.

this is the painting challenge for 2013.

added in January
mantic orks - 10
mantic goblins - 10
mantic elves - 20
mantic skellies - 10

completed January
mantic skellies - 20

some more baseing

well I have based the model. I was plannng to leave the model white as it is a contrast colour and dose not take away from the primary model. It will now also depend on if it effects painting points.

Friday, November 30, 2012

600pt games

Well over the parst month or so I have started getting players to play some small format games we have been playing some 600 pt games.

I is great as I have been trying out some different builds.
I build the list without knowing what I am up against.
the first turn sore the brets panic of the table victor to me both units of knights and the general with BSB. so we called it that they did not run off and continued the game.
as after that I got tabled I was play my High Elves V Brets.
You can get a lot of 2+ amour saves for 600pt.

I had a level 2 on fire,
12 archers full command -
12 archers full command
5 ellyrain reavers

well did alright to start taking off knights as they came down the table. but when the got in the amour save I just could not get through.
Metal magic would have been better.
I am thinking sword masters or a white loin list would be better.

next I might try

10 spearman
10 spearman
9 white loins command
lion chariot


15 archers
10 sword masters
5 white lions

Thursday, September 20, 2012

another painting comp.

well the basic look is there just need to think about the base.

winter of painting

I have now painted over 3000pts of undead vampires for my army.

they are all to table top standard  some better than other some not but that being said it is 3000pts. they have both mantic and GW minis to keep the cost down.

Friday, June 22, 2012

another painting comp.

Goblinzz -

Morning everyone!

I have decided that it would it would be entertaining to start up a painting competition thread here, and see if we can rope people into joining in. the rules are fairly straightforward, and if anyone has issues with them then they can be changed.

Models MUST be painted for this competition, you cannot just enter something you painted two years ago.

Any model/scale/game system/non-game model is acceptable, but only ONE model/figure can be entered. Yes, I know this is going to lead to tank painting being compared to foot soldier painting, but meh.

The competition will run for approximately 12 weeks, finishing on Sunday the 19th of August. This is both to give people time to paint, but also to accommodate us slow painters and folk who are time pressured, or don't hear about it for a few weeks.

Entry is simple, declare your intent, and then photograph your model in an unpainted or basecoated condition with a piece of paper showing the day, and your username next to it. Post the intent to enter WITH the photo of the model in this thread. I'd encourage people to do WIP in the showcase section, but it's not necessary for the competition.

Final entries must be posted prior to midnight on the 19th of August, late entries will not be accepted. The final entry should consist of no more than THREE photographs, with an as yet unspecified size restriction, posted in this thread, with a comment stating that it is final submission.

Winner will be chosen by popular vote, with voting allowed from Monday AM on the 20th of August, through to PM of the
26th of August. If all else fails I'll make up a survey monkey questonnaire if I can't post a poll directly here.

Sound fair and reasonable to everyone?

I will post a couple of links to guides for uploading photos for us noobs, and also links to a couple of tips on how to take good photographs of models.
well I have decided that I will do a model from storm of magic a scoll of binding.

well here it is

hex wraiths

well I also have painted the hex wraith this month. Not the correct unit for the gargehammer painting comp.
oh no...
i have been painting at lest.

Mortis engine

well I have been a bit behind with the painting of month two. but I have complete my mortis engine.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

month two -GH painting

well I have missed the first month of the painting comp. So I have a bit of catch up to do. so the second month is a core unit so here is my unit i need to do it is a mantic skeletons I have only undercoated them and started the wash then realised I need to take photo so have taken the photo and now I have to keep going.

Projects mortis engine

well I have had a slow painting month , I have been working on my mortis engine through.
the mor I paint the more I find detail that I want to high light so it is still going to take a while.
One of the areas I was going to do was not use green as that is the colour of warp stone so I wanted the VC to have a different colour for the sprit so I went the way of a blue grey. it is more like smoke then.
here are couple of WIP shots that I have of the model.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Well this is not a army post but one I really want to share with all.
I do love WHFB 8th it is the best version that fits my play style. full of random terrain effects, Random magic and the game is never over until you remove every model from the table. Well I live in Australia and due to the guide lines of pricing and restrictive sales practices I have had to limit my purchases. So now a lot of my rank and file models are from the second hand market or independent supplies. I still buy my large models and monsters from Games workshop I still love the models but just can not justify the price any more for rank and file.
now that being said I would like to say Mantic Miniatures are on Kickstarter so I would say go and have a look. this is where the rank and file for my new VC army are coming from and I would say to all have a look and it is worth backing them.
thank you for my ramble on now back to the army blog.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

painting - comp - from garagehammer-

well With the VC just starting out and given the fact I need to motivate my VC painting I think this will be what I need. Here are the rules This is from the Garagehammer Forum so get over there and sign up.



The plan is to help motivate gamers to get some serious painting done! So feedback, tips, etc are encouraged but this is a competition so bring your a-game (and a little smack-talk never hurt nobody). Saying that, this hobby is all about having a good time; so play nice guys!


Please submit one photo of your mini(s) as they were at the start of the month (unpainted/primed/already started painting) and up to two additional photos of the finished model or unit.
This is a Warhammer competition so entries must be usable in the game (base sizes etc) but conversions or using alternate miniatures is completely fine.
Any 20/25mm based units painted need a minimum of 10 models, 5 models for cavalry units (25x50mm), or three for ogres/monstrous cav (40/50mm).  Characters and monsters are not covered by this requirement.
Ideally by the end of the month the model(s) will have three colours minimum, highlighted and be based - although I suspect in order to win this will be a given.


Each month I will begin a thread for you to post your pictures.
Entries must be posted by midnight in the UK (currently GMT + 1) on the last day of each month.
The next deadline will be 31st May 2012 at Midnight (GMT +1).

Rule Four: VOTING

Once the deadline has passed, I will start a poll for the forum to vote on the entries.  The poll will stay open for one week following the deadline.

Once the votes have been counted the following points will be awarded:

1st place = 5 pts
2nd place = 4 pts
3rd place = 3 pts
4th place = 2 pts
5th place = 1 pt

Points scored will be multiplied by the number of months you have consecutively submitted an entry for the same army.

It's a long period to commit to I know so each participant can have 2 "life got in the way" passes [a better name is in the works but you get the point] which let them skip a month without breaking the chain of consecutive months.

Chris and David can choose to award a bonus +5 pts each for an entry they particularly like.

For example: 2nd place after submitting an entry for 4 months and winning Chris’s bonus points will score 21pts [4pts x4months +5bonus pts].

Rule Five: LINE-UP

MAY - Characters: Any lord or hero choice (max base size 50x50mm)
JUNE - Units: core, special or rare (subject to minimum sizes - see above)
JULY – Warmachines, Monsters (max base size 50x50mm), Single Chariots
AUGUST - Characters: Any lord or hero choice (max base size 50x50mm)
SEPTEMBER - Units: core, special or rare (subject to minimum sizes - see above)
OCTOBER - Warmachines, Monsters (max base size 50x50mm), Single Chariots
NOVEMBER - Open: whatever you like!
DECEMBER – Open: whatever you like!

At the moment the competition will run till the end of the year (2012)


Some serious forum bragging rights are on the line!

Each month, the forum member with the most votes will be selected as that month’s “Exalted Champion of the Brush

At the end of the year the person with the most points will be announced as the “Supreme Painter of the GH Forum”.  To break a tie the leaders will be invited to post several pictures of their completed force and the forum will be asked to vote.

Honourable Mentions” will be bestowed on the runners-up (2nd-5th) by Sigmar himself provided he shows up this time.

"True Grit" titles will be given to all those who participate in all 8 months before the end of the year.

Rule Seven: HEY, WHAT ABOUT….

In the event of anything not covered by these rules, please PM me (Danny_Darko) on the forum and I’ll try to make a ruling ASAP to allow you to submit something in time for the deadline.

These rules may change as the competition develops so please check them before submitting an entry.

If you’d like to suggest some alternate rules, guidelines, complaints please PM me and I’ll do my best to make any necessary changes.

Thanks guys and happy painting!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

coven throne

Well I have just finished building the motis engine and I had all the pieces left over from the coven throne and found a $7 toy when shopping so I have made my own coven throne. This is a WIP i have to work out sprit host on the base and some detail but I think the concept is a good one in order to use the parts I have and make a second big modle at about 600 to 800 points to use it would only be in a grand army rules or a game at home anyway so I would make a good display piece for the army.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the extra unit

Well I have made some Hexwraiths, after listening to Gargehammer. I looked through the bits box and have found 5 horses and now i have 5 black kights. Well that was a good buy for that box....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the rest of my new arrivals

well some more goodies have arrived and now I have to get working on them.

At this point I am not have no more new stuff or Ebay until the rest is ready. I only like to pay with painted models so I haave some work to do.

new arrivals for the VC

well I had a package form the US today with the next lot of VC options.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

VC taking shape

I satrted this in December 2011 and here is what I have builts up to date these are from mantic and I had 50 old skelies in a box WOW, also picked up a job lot on Ebay, the total spend was about $200 to $230 AUS on it.

Getting started

To get started I will give you a quick rundown at this point I have two Full armies for fantasy, One dwarfs and one high elves. Both armies are over 10000 pts. each I like to collect large armies and not lots of armies. This I hope to change over time but at the moment it is the way I seem to play.
I brought the storm of magic book; I love the idea of big monsters and pacts with my armies.
Well when I decided that I was going to do a new army it had to be one of the three from the pacts list. Demons, tomb kings or Vampires.
This was just after they announced that you could not buy models from the UK I had to pay Australian prices.  That made the choice for me I could not afford to buy any of the armies at the price they charge for product here.  So I had to look into after providers of minis. Mantic was my choice I bought an undead army form mantic. This will form the core of my army I will just be buying the large models that I can only buy from them, but the rest of the army will come from mantic. That being said I still like GW models, but I am price sensitive and if I find a model range that is on par with GW models from 10 years ago I will give them ago if the price is right.
With the fact that GW do not support the local Tournament scene or the clubs the GW only rule will not apply so let’s just put the models on the table. Our club and Tournament scene just require WYSIWYG rule, and club is proxy by request.
Now back to it I also from the SoM book decided that this will give me the chance to paint monsters to use so it I like a model I now can paint it and use it.
This blog we document the current army builds I am doing in the WHFB world.
I will be starting with the VC and some of the monsters I like and who knows where it will take me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

to get started

well this is the blog to set up for the following of my WHFB painting and modeling.