Friday, June 1, 2012

Well this is not a army post but one I really want to share with all.
I do love WHFB 8th it is the best version that fits my play style. full of random terrain effects, Random magic and the game is never over until you remove every model from the table. Well I live in Australia and due to the guide lines of pricing and restrictive sales practices I have had to limit my purchases. So now a lot of my rank and file models are from the second hand market or independent supplies. I still buy my large models and monsters from Games workshop I still love the models but just can not justify the price any more for rank and file.
now that being said I would like to say Mantic Miniatures are on Kickstarter so I would say go and have a look. this is where the rank and file for my new VC army are coming from and I would say to all have a look and it is worth backing them.
thank you for my ramble on now back to the army blog.

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