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painting - comp - from garagehammer-

well With the VC just starting out and given the fact I need to motivate my VC painting I think this will be what I need. Here are the rules This is from the Garagehammer Forum so get over there and sign up.



The plan is to help motivate gamers to get some serious painting done! So feedback, tips, etc are encouraged but this is a competition so bring your a-game (and a little smack-talk never hurt nobody). Saying that, this hobby is all about having a good time; so play nice guys!


Please submit one photo of your mini(s) as they were at the start of the month (unpainted/primed/already started painting) and up to two additional photos of the finished model or unit.
This is a Warhammer competition so entries must be usable in the game (base sizes etc) but conversions or using alternate miniatures is completely fine.
Any 20/25mm based units painted need a minimum of 10 models, 5 models for cavalry units (25x50mm), or three for ogres/monstrous cav (40/50mm).  Characters and monsters are not covered by this requirement.
Ideally by the end of the month the model(s) will have three colours minimum, highlighted and be based - although I suspect in order to win this will be a given.


Each month I will begin a thread for you to post your pictures.
Entries must be posted by midnight in the UK (currently GMT + 1) on the last day of each month.
The next deadline will be 31st May 2012 at Midnight (GMT +1).

Rule Four: VOTING

Once the deadline has passed, I will start a poll for the forum to vote on the entries.  The poll will stay open for one week following the deadline.

Once the votes have been counted the following points will be awarded:

1st place = 5 pts
2nd place = 4 pts
3rd place = 3 pts
4th place = 2 pts
5th place = 1 pt

Points scored will be multiplied by the number of months you have consecutively submitted an entry for the same army.

It's a long period to commit to I know so each participant can have 2 "life got in the way" passes [a better name is in the works but you get the point] which let them skip a month without breaking the chain of consecutive months.

Chris and David can choose to award a bonus +5 pts each for an entry they particularly like.

For example: 2nd place after submitting an entry for 4 months and winning Chris’s bonus points will score 21pts [4pts x4months +5bonus pts].

Rule Five: LINE-UP

MAY - Characters: Any lord or hero choice (max base size 50x50mm)
JUNE - Units: core, special or rare (subject to minimum sizes - see above)
JULY – Warmachines, Monsters (max base size 50x50mm), Single Chariots
AUGUST - Characters: Any lord or hero choice (max base size 50x50mm)
SEPTEMBER - Units: core, special or rare (subject to minimum sizes - see above)
OCTOBER - Warmachines, Monsters (max base size 50x50mm), Single Chariots
NOVEMBER - Open: whatever you like!
DECEMBER – Open: whatever you like!

At the moment the competition will run till the end of the year (2012)


Some serious forum bragging rights are on the line!

Each month, the forum member with the most votes will be selected as that month’s “Exalted Champion of the Brush

At the end of the year the person with the most points will be announced as the “Supreme Painter of the GH Forum”.  To break a tie the leaders will be invited to post several pictures of their completed force and the forum will be asked to vote.

Honourable Mentions” will be bestowed on the runners-up (2nd-5th) by Sigmar himself provided he shows up this time.

"True Grit" titles will be given to all those who participate in all 8 months before the end of the year.

Rule Seven: HEY, WHAT ABOUT….

In the event of anything not covered by these rules, please PM me (Danny_Darko) on the forum and I’ll try to make a ruling ASAP to allow you to submit something in time for the deadline.

These rules may change as the competition develops so please check them before submitting an entry.

If you’d like to suggest some alternate rules, guidelines, complaints please PM me and I’ll do my best to make any necessary changes.

Thanks guys and happy painting!

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