Sunday, May 26, 2013

extra unit in may

I had some down time, and got a second unit painted

I even got the croc painted

may finished

well I have finished for the month of may
30 high elves with spear.
now the new book is out I will have to look at what list I would like.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

progress 2013

well I feel I have a long way to go , part of the rules paint more then I buy well I am not winning there yet, but on the reasons that I have not acheived all that is 2013 has been a year I have really tryed to improve the tables I make and this year I have been busy with that to as well as pinting.

here are a couple of tables produced this year..

this terrain has been built from scratch and as well as painted.
 so not just a bad year then

Friday, May 3, 2013

May painting challenge

well the next mouth is on us and the next group of models I need to paint. I order for me to get more models done I have started to get up early and paint of oc=bout an hour before I leave for work, I use to do this quiet a bit when I had a large army I wanted to finish. now I have so many model to paint I have started it again.

This month I do have a couple more 40k models the new Tau where released now I have a large tau amry but with the realeas of the new models I did have to get them to complete the collection so they have also jumped into the mix for painting.