Friday, October 31, 2014

paint not so much

well i have not put much paint on my minis but I have been putting together a whole lot and undercoating them. so not a total loss of hobby.

but i did paint some terrain for my deadzone and finished the demo board for them as well as my objective  tokens

Monday, October 20, 2014

new projects - kings of war -

Well with the play and paint project I have started I now half way through have a new army I am painting for that.

The abyssal Dwarfs - here is a photo of the ones I painted early this year to show the colour, next up finish putting together the units and start to paint the rest.

waiting to be assembled

display for Warhammer event at club

Notice the use of my mantic elves that i use as High elves. I started the project as a undead High elves army, that was the fluff for the skinny mantic elves compared to the GW ones. then added some reaper minis to the mix for my monsters, this turned out to look quite good on the table and was a whole lot cheaper then starting a new GW army.
This was on its display board.
It is just a shame we do bot have a non GW armies an parade comp. May be a suggestion to the club to run one.

over thirty days

well Its been over thirty day since i have posted pictures of my painting efforts that is bad sorry about that but I hope to be on track now with the posts.

so lets have a look at what i have completed since.


 Kings of war troops

kings of war heros

I will say not much painted but I have been doing a lot of assembly, with my collections growing i have assembled 100 minis this month and primed them.