Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 here we go

2013 here we go...
well I still have  one unit to go from the2012 batch I wanted to finish so I will with any luck finish that this week, I also have a game on friday night the has a list with tecles So I will also try to have that finished fro friday. this week I actually have some time off during the week as I have to work this weekend. this will help.
one of the goals for this year is to blog at least once a week so I can keep you up to date with my progess on the painting side.

happy new year and good luck to all those with projects this year.

Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 - Projects

well this is the beginning of a new year and I  have taken stock on the year ahead.
well tis brings me to what I have comming up for the next 12 months.

Dark elves - 65 models , 2 heros, 1 monster
Mantic orcs - 36 models, 2 heros
Stone haven dwarfs - 20 models
Maliaux crew -The arcanist- 9 models
GW high elves - 11 sea guard, 5 revers
GW vampires - 11 hero models, 1 monter , 3 large monsters.
mantic undead - 20 skeleton
dreadball - kick starter, 62 models

I have a mantic elves army of 2000pt that I am working on
2 eagles, 40 archers, 15 sword masters, 20 spear elves, one hero,

I have the KoW kickstarter models yet to come
and the reaper kickstarter models.

this is the painting challenge for 2013.

added in January
mantic orks - 10
mantic goblins - 10
mantic elves - 20
mantic skellies - 10

completed January
mantic skellies - 20

some more baseing

well I have based the model. I was plannng to leave the model white as it is a contrast colour and dose not take away from the primary model. It will now also depend on if it effects painting points.