Friday, June 22, 2012

another painting comp.

Goblinzz -

Morning everyone!

I have decided that it would it would be entertaining to start up a painting competition thread here, and see if we can rope people into joining in. the rules are fairly straightforward, and if anyone has issues with them then they can be changed.

Models MUST be painted for this competition, you cannot just enter something you painted two years ago.

Any model/scale/game system/non-game model is acceptable, but only ONE model/figure can be entered. Yes, I know this is going to lead to tank painting being compared to foot soldier painting, but meh.

The competition will run for approximately 12 weeks, finishing on Sunday the 19th of August. This is both to give people time to paint, but also to accommodate us slow painters and folk who are time pressured, or don't hear about it for a few weeks.

Entry is simple, declare your intent, and then photograph your model in an unpainted or basecoated condition with a piece of paper showing the day, and your username next to it. Post the intent to enter WITH the photo of the model in this thread. I'd encourage people to do WIP in the showcase section, but it's not necessary for the competition.

Final entries must be posted prior to midnight on the 19th of August, late entries will not be accepted. The final entry should consist of no more than THREE photographs, with an as yet unspecified size restriction, posted in this thread, with a comment stating that it is final submission.

Winner will be chosen by popular vote, with voting allowed from Monday AM on the 20th of August, through to PM of the
26th of August. If all else fails I'll make up a survey monkey questonnaire if I can't post a poll directly here.

Sound fair and reasonable to everyone?

I will post a couple of links to guides for uploading photos for us noobs, and also links to a couple of tips on how to take good photographs of models.
well I have decided that I will do a model from storm of magic a scoll of binding.

well here it is

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