Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting started

To get started I will give you a quick rundown at this point I have two Full armies for fantasy, One dwarfs and one high elves. Both armies are over 10000 pts. each I like to collect large armies and not lots of armies. This I hope to change over time but at the moment it is the way I seem to play.
I brought the storm of magic book; I love the idea of big monsters and pacts with my armies.
Well when I decided that I was going to do a new army it had to be one of the three from the pacts list. Demons, tomb kings or Vampires.
This was just after they announced that you could not buy models from the UK I had to pay Australian prices.  That made the choice for me I could not afford to buy any of the armies at the price they charge for product here.  So I had to look into after providers of minis. Mantic was my choice I bought an undead army form mantic. This will form the core of my army I will just be buying the large models that I can only buy from them, but the rest of the army will come from mantic. That being said I still like GW models, but I am price sensitive and if I find a model range that is on par with GW models from 10 years ago I will give them ago if the price is right.
With the fact that GW do not support the local Tournament scene or the clubs the GW only rule will not apply so let’s just put the models on the table. Our club and Tournament scene just require WYSIWYG rule, and club is proxy by request.
Now back to it I also from the SoM book decided that this will give me the chance to paint monsters to use so it I like a model I now can paint it and use it.
This blog we document the current army builds I am doing in the WHFB world.
I will be starting with the VC and some of the monsters I like and who knows where it will take me.

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