Friday, January 15, 2016

the first of the paining challenge

Well one of the best ways I find to get to painting is the 10mins a day rule and the joining a painting group or comp. Well this year I have to have a few groups underway as I would like to get a large number of the mins I own painted up as it seems that I have far two many not painted. I really do not find time to play the games due to real life so one of the parts of the hobby I enjoy is the painting part so I keep on painting.

This year the first hobby challenge I will sign up for is the ICs hobby challenge. I have the last of my 40k guard units to paint and would like to see that project finished this year. So that leads me to set up the challenge of lets paint want I have left and use a hobby challenge to do that.

so here is the photos of all the models I would like to paint this year  as part of the challenge they are all undercoat ed as one of the things I do is built and undercoat all my minions and they are always ready for paint if I just feel like painting that unit. These are mostly all old range and metal minis.

Now first up for January is

they will add to the guard army I already have

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