Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March ICH chellenge done

this was the IC challenge completed for March

this is what I actually painted from 40k universe
 Now I am having a rant, turn off now if you like.
Well I have been following the painting for the ICH challenge, and I keep seeing all these painters add commitments for each month and then paint them up. To me a challenge is an opportunity to stretch your self and complete a objective. I would ask that if you have placed your commitments for the month and you have finished them and you do the next months early then you have not challenged yourself. If you in the first three months have completed six months worth of work then you have not completed a meaningful challenge as it is to easy to complete and you have not stretched yourself. With that I feel you should be making the challenge harder. The end result will be even a greater number of completed models and a real challenge achieved.
Now back to my Hobby progress, when I started mine it was about finishing the IG, I place it down and took a group photo then said to myself, "how am I going to get this finished"
Well three months in and it is over half complete I am now looking at what to do for the rest of the year. It looks like tau will have to be finished as well.
Each month I provide a commitment and then paint that if I finish I then may paint more and they become a stretch for the month, this means that I have been completing more then I need to. It also means I am painting and commuting each month so I do not go ahead and paint all my models in the first 4 months and then just sit around of the rest of the year.
There are a couple of times where you may have to set yourself up , you may be deployed or know you are about to be deployed, heading to an Antarctic expedition ( yes I have a friend about to go there to camp Davis). Really for the majority it is not the case.
So what dose it mean coming up well I have now to commit to at least 40 models a month as I paint on average about 40 a month , that is then a real challenge. I also have been looking through the collection to find groups of models that need painting and setting them up ready for when the IG are done.
Anyway this is just a rant I have about goal setting and challenge progress.
Back to the painting table.

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